A Telesales Solution for SuperOffice

eSuite finds the solution for incorporating telesales into SuperOffice

When an Independent Business Rates specialists wanted to incorporate telesales into SuperOffice we found the solution.

Their independent status allows them to ensure to only focus on achieving rate reductions for their clients.

The range of services are provided via a heavily and active telemarketing department that is professionally trained and skilled in dealing with enquiries and services via outbound calls.

As users of SuperOffice CRM the company wanted to develop their outbound telemarketing function and streamline it, making it more efficient and fully integrated into their CRM system SuperOffice.

Getting started

This was an extensive project requiring development of a wide area of different functions ranging from the integration of the telephone system, to bespoke reporting as well as ensuring that the look and feel for the end user is easy to follow and quick to activate.

And to develop a system that would inevitably add huge value to the business by creating efficient outbound telemarketing activity that triggers immediate actions and further activities that is then accurately recorded and monitored back into the SuperOffice CRM system.

The first objective was to fully identify the process from start to end and what features and functionality was to be added to ensure the module fully met the company’s requirements.

Once the requirements were identified the SuperOffice development team were able to start on the programming.

How the system works

The Call list is configured by a SuperOffice administrator and created as a selection in SuperOffice.

Then the outbound caller is given a script and list of questions. The contact name and details are automatically added to the script so the caller can simply read the entire conversation from programmed script of the screen.

Depending on the outcome of the call, the caller (with a click of a mouse) can then create an appointment back into SuperOffice against an account manager/assessor or subsequently a sales can be raised to complete against the original outbound contact.

At any point the call selection can be substituted to another telesales team member, the priority of calls can be changed and the script and questions can be altered and adapted according to the nature of the campaign.

The benefits to the client

The company makes a large volume of calls, and has a large team of callers working around the clock on outbound calls. By streamlining the process and automating a lot if the process the benefits in time saving is huge as well as accuracy in information.


Adding Delivery information to CRM database

Maxoptra has a new integration to bridge the gap between customer services and live operations.  With Synergy Technology developing the integration of SuperOffice Customer Service with Maxoptra’s delivery management and route optimisation solution, the seamless flow of business-critical information between the two systems is boosting the customer experience and improving operational efficiency for delivery and field service companies.

“Maxoptra is leading the way in dynamic delivery management and route planning for the SME sector, with a functionally rich solution that is cloud based and subscription offered,” commented Trevor Sharp, Head of Development at Synergy Technology, one of the largest SuperOffice partners in the UK.

“Maxoptra does not require specialist IT support or training; in fact its open programming interface and proactive development team made this one of the easiest integrations we have undertaken.”

This integration with Maxoptra is now availble as an eSuite module for SuperOffice and soon due to be released for Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Bespoke development for CRM systems

SuperOffice is a powerful scalable CRM database system designed for organisations that operate in the business to business market sectors. Our professional development team provides bespoke development work to ensure that SuperOffice users maximise the functionality and effectiveness of their CRM system. Trev and Rich two of our talented team of developers, outline the features and benefits of bespoke development.

What is the reason for requiring bespoke development?

“Bespoke development for SuperOffice can cover almost any operational enhancement that a business requires to really make the most of their customer relationship management system. We help our clients extend and customise SuperOffice so that they can achieve the maximum efficiency from the system in their daily routine, which then becomes richer with information and delivers better results.

“We can practically program anything necessary into SuperOffice to enhance the sales, marketing and customer service functionalities of a business.” Trevor, Head of Development

Every industry, every business and every process has different and sometimes very specific requirements. SuperOffice out of the box can not to meet all these complex requirements. If it did, it would be very expensive, difficult to update and deliver across a wide range of platforms, and would end up including modules and functionality that would not be utilised by the majority of SuperOffice users.

SuperOffice consolidates the key contact functionality of a business based on its Sales, Service Delivery, Marketing and Customer Processes. Bespoke development is designed to make SuperOffice a perfect 100% fit to each and every client’s specific needs.

It has been designed to support client specific business functions and can be tailored by developers to suit a wide range of requirements. Development work can cover anything from integration between CRM operations and third party add-ons or modules, as well as developing sophisticated reporting systems that combines data from several systems linked to SuperOffice.”

What sort of development work do you do?

We can create a wide range of processes and functions that enhances the effectiveness of SuperOffice and its application, this includes:

  • Create web pages that can carry out functions connected to SuperOffice.
  • Converting documents within SuperOffice to PDF.
  • Additional telesales processes.
  • Creating sophisticated sales operations.
  • Call scripts, call logging and related reporting.
  • Additional marketing activities.
  • Automating repetitive tasks, consolidating information.
  • Integrating systems or data from other systems to streamline internal processes.
  • Full end to end marketing integration.

Our developers can devise a bespoke solution for almost any requirement for additional functionality in SuperOffice.